Tours will reopen in August 2021. Please contact to prebook any private tours.


Maybe you’ve come along on one of our brewery tours discovering five of Edmonton’s craft breweries. Maybe you haven’t joined us quite yet and are just foraying into the world of craft beer. Maybe you’re a craft beer geek eager to expand your local beer IQ. Whatever your story, we want to bring the world of craft beer to you.

Our Saturday craft brewery tours teach you about the brewing process basics and the four main ingredients of beer—hops, malt, yeast and water—and each of our stops pays specific attention to one of these ingredients. We visit Bent Stick Brewing, Situation Brewing, Blind Enthusiasm Brewing, Brewsters Brewing Company and Yellowhead Brewing Company, all of which have different stories and quirks that make each locally unique and special. We sample a wide variety of delicious beer styles throughout the day, from lagers to stouts, pales to porters, and IPAs to ESBs. So, once our bus has dropped you off at our last stop and the tour comes to an end, what’s next for an Edmonton beer lover?

As the craft beer industry in Alberta expands, so eventually will the ground our tours cover. With new breweries slated to open in Edmonton over the next year, along with new and existing breweries in smaller, central Alberta communities, there will be plenty more to explore. But in the meantime, we will be creating a blog to highlight all the amazing things happening in Alberta craft beer, as well as providing an educational resource to enhance your beer savvy. The Internet is a huge pool of resources about everything beer, but can be a bit overwhelming and many blogs are skewed to American and European scenes.

Our hope is to highlight upcoming beer-related events in Edmonton and Alberta, feature businesses that are making it easy for you to support and drink local, people and groups doing awesome things in the #YEGbeer scene, and even some beer education along the way!

Got an idea for an event, person, business or news story we should feature on the blog? Let us know! Send your pitch to and we will be in touch. In the meantime, get yourself on one of our craft beer tours and let’s get the hoppy goodness flowing!

-Arielle Demchuk